The Heat is On

Tozer Heating & Air - Kingston

Here in Canada, we’re renowned for our affable people, love of hockey, amazing maple syrup and last — but most certainly not least — our brutally cold and unforgiving winters.

Staying warm while the snow flies has become a national pastime whether we want to admit it or not, but finding a furnace that’s up to the task and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to operate doesn’t have to be impossible.


Furnace heating ability is measured with an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) percentage. A higher AFUE percentage indicates a more efficient furnace. Here at Tozer Heating & Air, our York systems have an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency as high as 97 per cent.

Even better? All of our furnaces include Electronically Commutated Motors, which save you even more money on hydro.

Now, we’re going to be honest with you: you may balk at the initial price of a high-efficiency furnace (admittedly, they aren’t cheap) but know this: in our cold weather climate, you’re going to notice major savings on your monthly bill. Need proof? According to Hydro One, up to 60 per cent of your home’s energy use goes to heating and cooling, so it pays to invest in efficiency.

If you’re still a little wary on the price, Save On Energy offers rebates of up to $250 when you purchase a high-efficiency furnace equipped with an Electronically Commutated Motor.

Aside from the money you’ll save on your monthly bill, high efficiency heating systems are also more environmentally friendly. They reduce waste and help to lower greenhouse emissions. See? It’s a win-win for you and our planet!


Curtains are a great low-tech method to prevent loss. The U.S. Department of Energy says curtains can reduce your heat loss by up to 25 per cent if you install them properly. Try keeping them open during the day to let the sunshine in (hello, free heat!) and closing them at dusk. Energywise suggests curtains should be floor-length and touch the floor, and fit tightly against the wall or window frame. One last tip: make sure they’re double layered with a thick lining to get the most bang for your buck.


The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation says, “A healthy house today is well sealed, well insulated and properly ventilated.”

We happen to agree. A properly-insulated home can save you cash, reduce your home’s energy use and make your house comfy.

“A well-insulated house is a bit like dressing for the weather,” says the CMHC. “A wool sweater will keep you warm if the wind is not blowing and it is not raining. On a windy, rainy day, wearing a nylon shell over your wool sweater helps keep you reasonably dry and warm. A house is similar. On the outside, underneath the brick or siding, there is an air barrier that does the same thing as the nylon — it keeps the wind.


Regardless of what type of furnace you have in your home, it needs some TLC once in a while, preferably once a year before the chill sets in.

Regular maintenance is important for two reasons: it keeps the unit running at peak efficiency, and it ensures the safety of you and your family. A pro – like one at Tozer Heating & Air – will check for loose duct work, a wobbly blower belt, and loose wiring, among other things. Proper maintenance like this can ensure your unit lasts a long, long time, and prevents a dreaded spike in your energy bills.


When it comes to heating your home or business, you need reliable, expert service you can trust. Tozer Heating & Air offers its clients just that – and much more.

With a 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee, Tozer Heating & Air – a family owned and operated business – ensures clients are always taken care of.

The friendly, professional and knowledgeable staff not only offer unbeatable 24-hour service, they also promise a quick response time – which is key when it comes to keeping comfortable during our harsh winters.

We also offer great rental and financing options, so be sure to ask us about them!