Air Conditioning Your Home

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Don’t sweat the heat this summer; a central air-conditioning system can provide you with comfort by not only lowering temperature in your home, but the humidity level, as well.

What’s important to know? Central air conditioners are designed to cool your entire home, so whether you’re cooking up a gourmet feast in the kitchen or watching a movie in your family room, you won’t be overheating.

Before making your purchase, consider energy efficiency. This article by Natural Resources Canada suggests selecting a central air conditioner with as high a SEER as is practical within your budget. What’s the range? “The SEER of central air conditioners ranges from a minimum of 10.0 to a maximum of about 17.0,” explains the article, adding that an ENERGY STAR® qualified central air conditioner must have a SEER rating of at least 12 or greater for a single-package unit and 13.0 or greater for a split system.

According to this article, you’ll also want to consider the sound and sizing of your system, as well as the installation. Furthermore, study what maintenance the system will require. “Proper maintenance is critical in ensuring that your central air conditioner will operate efficiently and have a long service life,” explains the article.

While it might be tempting to do some of the service yourself, call in competent service contractors (like Tozer Heating & Air) to complete a periodic inspection of your unit. With proper care and maintenance, you can expect to get around 15 years (sometimes more) out of your system.

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