Warm Up This Winter with Tozer Heating & Air’s Rental and Financing Options

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

According to National Geographic, as far as countries go, Canada is pretty much the coldest. It vies only with Russia for first place as the chilliest nation in the world.

On that cheerful note: how ready are you for Old Man Winter this year?

Signs a New Furnace is in Your Home’s Future

If you’ve noticed your home is dustier than normal, or that your heating bill has sky rocketed, it may be time to kick your old furnace to the curb. Other sure signs? You’re calling for repairs more often than you’d like to admit, or your furnace is making too much noise.

One final thing: if your furnace is more than 20 years old, there’s a good chance it’s no longer safe or cost-effective.

Rental and Financing Options with Tozer Heating & Air

If you’ve decided to say “sayonara” to your old system, but the cost has you devising ways to afford a new one, Tozer Heating & Air has you covered. We offer great rental and financing options, so no matter what your budget, you’ll stay toasty all season long.

SNAP Financial Group

Tozer is a family-owned and operated company, so get totally understand the high cost of living these days can get the best of all of us sometimes.

It’s why we decided to partner with SNAP Financial Group — Canada’s premier consumer finance company –– so homeowners just like you can afford the home improvements they need (like a new furnace!).

Founded in 2006, SNAP is focused on being a fair, fast and friendly payment solutions partner. They are trusted advisors, not banks, and offer approvals within minutes. You’ll receive a significantly lower interest rate than a credit card, and are able to pay off at any time.

Prefer to Rent?

We also offer great rental options, so no matter what Jack Frost throws our way, you can keep warm and well all season long.