radiant in-floor heating

The Top Five Reasons You’ll Love In-Floor Heating

If you’re colder than Jack Frost these days (we don’t think we need to remind you it’s only February…) you may be wondering how you can warm up.

There is another option you might not have considered before: radiant floor heating. Read on to see what you — and your feet — are missing. If you choose to install it, you’ll wonder how the heck you ever lived in Canada without it.

1. It’s Energy-Efficient

This is the No.1 reason many of our clients ask us to install a boiler system for them. Radiant floor heating systems that channel hot water use very small amounts of electricity, making them a perfect option for those looking to cut down on high energy costs.

Need stats? According to the Radiant Panel Association, most homeowners can expect energy savings of 10 per cent to 30 per cent. For commercial installations, savings of up to 60 per cent are possible.

2. It Offers Even, Pleasant Warmth

We all know heat travels up, which can make it tough for our homes to reach a comfortable temperature. You’re bathing in warmth one minute, and reaching for slippers and a blanket the next. With in-floor heating, the warmth is evenly and consistently distributed.

3. It’s Great for Allergy and Asthma Sufferers

Because in-floor heating doesn’t need to circulate air, the amount of dust, odours and germs flying around are significantly cut down.

4. It’s Out of Sight

Let’s face the facts: radiators aren’t about to win any awards for their aesthetic appeal, and heating ducts are just as unsightly. With in-floor heating, you won’t even know it’s there.

5. It’s Super Quiet

How often have you been just about to drift off into a peaceful slumber only to be startled awake by your heating system kicking on? With radiant in-floor heating, this’ll never happen; it can efficiently supply heat without delivering any noise.

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