How to Save On Energy Costs While You’re Away On Vacation

Are you taking a much-deserved tropical vacation this March Break? Here are five helpful tips so you can save energy — and money — while you’re abroad enjoying the sand and sun. (You could put that saved money money towards next year’s trip!).

1. Don’t Turn Off Your HVAC System

Some people think you should turn off your HVAC system before leaving. This is such a bad (so bad, that we have to say it again: bad!) idea. Two words: Frozen pipes.

HVAC systems are designed to run all the time for maximum efficiency, so just set the temperature around five degrees cooler than usual before setting out for the sunshine and making all your friends jealous.

2. Install a Surge Protector

It’s an unfortunate reality: snow storms and ice ice storms can— and do — cause power outages. Make sure you’re prepared and install install a surge protector. It’s an inexpensive way to protect your HVAC system from a power outage should Mother Nature choose to wreak havoc while you’re away.

3. Replace The Air Filter

You HVAC system’s air filter is far more important than you likely realize. During winter use (when the heat is cranked all the time) dirt and debris builds up quickly. Take a sec to make sure it’s relatively clean before you leave; if it’s dirty, it won’t do its job properly and could cause your system to be less efficient…or it could break.

4. Ensure All the Air Vents Are Open

If any are closed off, your home’s HVAC system could be affected – and you want it to be running as efficiently as possible while you’re away.

5. Give Your House a Thorough Cleaning Before You Leave

Don’t make your HVAC system work harder than it needs to; dust and dirt will collect while you’re away, so try to vacuum right before you leave to keep air quality in check.

Now, you’re set to jet. Bon voyage!